Agreement Protocol Geeksforgeeks

There are generals. The connection between them is made by reliable communication (z.B phone). m The generals of these n are traitors and try to prevent agreement between the loyal generals. The agreement is that all loyal generals have learned about the number of loyal armies and came to the same conclusion (it may be wrong) about the state of treacherous armies (this is important if the generals plan to choose the strategy based on the data received and it is necessary that all generals have chosen the same strategy). In this subsection, we show how to use an algorithm that solves Byzantine chords for entries in `0`, 1` as a subroutine to solve the general Byzantine chord. The overhead is only 2 additional rounds, 2 n2 additional messages and O (b-n-2) communication bits. This can lead to a significant saving of the total number of bits that need to be communicated, as it is not necessary to send V-shaped values, but only binary values during the execution of the subroutine. However, this improvement is not enough to reduce the number of communication bits exponentially to polynomic in f. What is the Byzantine margin of error? The Byzantine Margin of Error (BFT) is the characteristic of a distributed network to reach consensus (agreement on the same value), even if some network nodes do not respond or react with false information. The objective of a BFT mechanism is to protect system failures by using collective decision-making (correct and erroneous nodes) to reduce the influence of defective nodes.

BFT derives from the problem of Byzantine generals. Imagine that several divisions of the Byzantine army are stored outside an enemy city, each division is commanded by its own general. Generals can only communicate with each other by messenger. After observing the enemy, they must opt for a common action plan. However, some generals may be traitors who try to prevent loyal generals from reaching an agreement. The generals must decide when they attack the city, but they need a large majority of their army to attack at the same time.