Redundancy Agreement Letter

The risk of a termination letter and your interview with staff should be clear: the second should be the letter you invite to a board meeting. You must use „fair and quantifiable“ criteria when deciding who is threatened by the choice of redundancy. This must be impartial, with good parallel records, which shows your evaluation process. Line Manager in a bank has been reported for customer entertainment in strip clubs. When an employee reported it, she was fired. This seemed to be too much of a coincidence, and when we started looking at the dismissal and drawing attention to possible allegations of wrongful dismissal and gender discrimination, they quickly began to offer a good comparison contract. Sometimes an employer no longer requires that a worker`s work be done by anyone. This is called redundancy. Redundancy may result from the introduction of new technologies, market developments (i.e., lower sales or production), changing operational requirements, and the general need to increase efficiency and reduce business costs. Confirm the redundancy selection using this termination for redundancy letters.

This redundancy notice covers the terms of dismissal of the worker, including gardening holidays or payment in lieu of dismissal, final salary and demarcation of leave. It also covers all outstanding issues relating to dismissal, the amount of legal compensation to be paid (if any) and the appeal procedure. Your employees may also be entitled to contractual severance pay (in addition to legal compensation), so you should also review their employment contracts. Even if they do not have a contractual right to an obligation, you can make a payment if you deem it appropriate. Whether the letter informs them of their position, which is threatened with dismissal, invites them to a consultation meeting or informs them that you have chosen it for redundancy, you must write it down in such a way as to ensure your legal respect. You can download the examples of redundancy models listed below to help you manage the redundancy process: the ICAEW Library – Information Service contains a wide range of pro forma letters and redundancy agreements from relevant sources such as Business Essentials, Harvey Employment Precedents; Business and business management precedents and the encyclopedia of forms and precedents.