Staffing Agency Employment Agreement

I like #2 as a backstop for #1, because it prevents the accidental denunciation of the whole agreement by someone who does not understand the legal problems that would arise from denouncing the agreement. Last week, I checked a personal service contract that contained this dreaded lack. It listed the terms of the declaration of the agreement („no reason“ was sufficient) but did not contain a survival clause. The termination would have meant the loss of compensation coverage, insurance coverage, audit rights and the retention of confidential information. No no! This recruitment agreement must be used between a company and a staff agency for part-time workers or professionals. This problem can be avoided by a carefully crafted section on survival capacity, which lists sections of the agreement that have been terminated. But why terminate the contract when that`s not really what you intend to do? If you no longer want to do business with the work provider, you want to terminate the services, not the agreement. Here are two ways to avoid this disaster. Either works or tries both: the most important legal problems are usually due to chance.

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