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Most relationships sometimes need a vote. If your supervisory relationship might need a little work, the first step is to try to talk openly, calmly and honestly with your supervisor. If you`ve tried to do this (or the problems are that you don`t want to address them directly), you can talk to your faculty`s graduate team to set up mediation or resolve complaints. Your partner Dean (Postgraduate) can help you — you`ll find the contact information here. For more information on complaint resolution, visit page 36 of the Postgraduate Handbook. You can also get professional advice from the health, counselling and wellness centre. It can be incredibly difficult to express problems with your monitoring. Your superiors are your champions, mentors and future referees, so of course you don`t want to mess up relationships. But at the end of the day, if your supervision doesn`t work for you, it`s in everyone`s interest to clarify it, including your superiors and the university, because your success thinks about it. Therefore, if your surveillance relationships are not what they should be, don`t be afraid to work (diplomatically) to find a solution.

Good supervision is based on open communication between supervisors and the candidate. At the beginning of the project, it is important that all parties are aware of their expectations of each other. These expectations are discussed as part of the Student-Supervisor Agreement, which is expected to take place at an early stage of the application, and a copy of the agreement is to be uploaded to eVision as part of the first progress reporting process. Be sure to check the student supervisor agreement from time to time. It is important that the agreement is not forgotten and that you and your superior are on the right track. The agreement can be adjusted later, but try not to make any significant changes. Marriage contracts are no longer just for celebrities – many engaged couples sign them to ensure that their personal interests are protected within their marriage and protected in the event of divorce. You can make a similar deal with your superiors to determine exactly what you put into the surveillance relationship and what you expect to get out of it. A monitoring agreement usually determines what each person`s responsibility is, how many times you meet, what happens with intellectual property, etc.

A downloadable model is available here. As we saw in last week`s articles, doctoral and doctoral doctoral jobs can be full of exciting and exhausting ups and downs. Can you even imagine […] . You can apply for modifiable superiors. Sometimes it`s appropriate for purely academic reasons – for example, when your subject has evolved and your supervisor`s experience is no longer the best fit for your new research. Sometimes a change is appropriate if your current supervisory relationship is not productive for personal reasons. In any case, it is important to look at a change overboard. This means that you are talking to your partner Dean (Postgraduate) and The Dean of your faculty, who ensures that the change of superior is done correctly. This Thesis Whisperer Post has very good advice from a student who has gone through the process of „breaking“ with a superior. A checklist for superiors that they can use as soon as they receive the first thesis project.

Request for changes such as study form, theme or title, deferral, registration leave, program abandonment, extension request and likely completion. Details of the application for transmission. Supervisors write a lot of references. Whenever you apply for a job, a scholarship, a change of registration, conference funding or a million other things, comments from your superiors […] A few weeks ago, I asked you what you wanted from your superior.