Video Usage Rights Agreement

As proposed, the licensee undertakes to pay the licensee a minimum turnover (usually in advance) on the basis of the basic license agreement and to pay additional fees if the content is higher. If you would like to speak to a lawyer about video rights and goods, stock-footage license or other legal issues related to video production, contact [email protected] and we can arrange a brief call. A content license agreement is a contract between the content owner, the licensor, and the licensee who wishes to publish the licensed content on its own platform to allow end users to access it. Generally, licensed content is protected by copyright, written materials such as articles, essays and blog posts or images, videos and forms of multimedia, so an essential component of a content license agreement is a copyright license from the licensor to the licensee. A copyright license is the permission granted by the licensor to the licensee to use the content in a way that would otherwise violate the licensor`s copyright rights. Copyright gives the owner the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute copies, prepare derivative works and, depending on the nature of the work, publicly distribute and display the copyrighted work. 17 U.S.C § 106, As a general rule, a content licensing agreement gives the licensee the right to reproduce the content in a given media that the end-user can access or be distributed to it. The grant of the copyright license must be explicit, which of the exclusive rights is granted. Copyright is not the only relevant law, content licensing agreements are also governed by contract law and at the national, federal and even international levels.

„Royalty-free“, a licensing method in which the rights to use the content or intellectual property are sold on a flat-rate basis for almost all purposes. If it is not possible to upload the movie to Nimia to use the direct selling feature, you will need a Standard Stock-Footage license agreement. This is a standard clip-based stock-footage license agreement that I created for Johnny Friday to use in circumstances where it is not able to upload to Nimia. Johnny Friday is an underwater cameraman who works with Nat Geo, Discovery Channel and others..